Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy

Boston Bioidentical Pellet Therapy Doctor, Joseph Edward Kaye, M.D. in Woburn, Massachusetts prescribes bioidentical hormones in several different forms, including bioidentical hormone pellets. Dr. Kaye uses bioidentical hormones to enhance patients’ vitality, muscle mass and energy levels along with improving bone, brain, breast and heart health. Bioidentical hormones can also improve your ability to focus and increase your memory, metabolism, and sexual performance while decreasing depression, anxiety, and weight gain.

Although all forms of delivery are effective, progesterone, estrogen and testosterone hormone pellets have been proven to provide a more consistent delivery method. Patient experiences with bioidentical hormone pellets and their health results tend to be better than the other types of delivery methods available. Hormone pellets are great for patients that are not able to tolerate oral hormone therapy or don’t respond well to topical hormone therapy.

Dr. Joseph Kaye offers bioidentical hormone pellets that deliver consistent, stable levels of hormones for as long as several months. There are no fluctuations in hormone levels withBoston Bioidentical Pellet Therapy, as is commonly seen with oral and topical therapies. This lack of hormone fluctuation explains why hormone pellets are often more effective in treating conditions and symptoms caused by imbalanced hormones.

Bioidentical hormone pellets appear to work better for hormone related conditions like insomnia, mood and anxiety disorders, memory problems, sexual dysfunction, osteoporosis, fibrocystic breast disease, and many other hormone related conditions. Unlike synthetic hormones, bioidentical hormone pellets are unlikely to cause the harmful side effects associated with synthetically processed hormones.

Hormone Pellet Therapy
Tiny pellets of pure testosterone, estradiol, estriol, progesterone, or other medicines such as anastrozole or finasteride are inserted under the skin by the physician. The procedure is quick, painless, and very cost- effective. The pellets last about 4 months and dissolve completely.
Benefits of Hormone Delivery with Pellets
Medically, pellets are an ideal solution for BHRT since the blood levels are consistent and physiologic (meaning normal for the body). The blood levels are easily followed with standard blood tests, avoiding costly and difficult to perform saliva hormone testing.

The body responds best to steady, normal levels of hormone, in contrast to creams or injections in which the levels rise and fall drastically with each dose. Creams can wash off and injectable hormones can cause problems with infections and injections are painful. Both creams and injectable hormones can be lost or forgotten when travelling.

Pellets are a “set it and forget it” method of hormone restoration. We monitor levels of the implanted hormones and their metabolites as well as PSA and hematocrit to ensure safe and optimal dosing.

Pellet Therapy Candidates
Ideal candidates for pellet therapy are peri or postmenopausal women, women who have had a hysterectomy and require hormone replacement, women with migraine headaches, and men of any age with low testosterone.

Dr. Kaye has implanted thousands of pellets without complications. It is very important to have pellets inserted by a physician who is both skilled in the pellet procedure but also in the nuances of hormone metabolism to ensure correct dosing and to avoid unpleasant or dangerous side effects. You will get much better results from a holistic and board-certified physician such as Dr. Kaye who not only inserts pellets skillfully but also attends to your nutrition, detoxification, hormone balance and treatment of all your medical issues.

There are many clinics now advertising pellet services, but a one-size fits all approach from a clinic that just inserts pellets is not the answer. Your results will be much improved if you choose a physician who can create an individualized hormone pellet program for you and combines it with a complete wellness program.

If you are suffering from the symptoms of an imbalanced hormone system, Dr. Joseph Kaye will work diligently with you to understand what your body needs to be brought back into balance. Dr. Kaye will go over the different types of delivery methods for bioidentical hormones to help you decide which method is the best for you.

To learn more about how Bioidentical Hormones could help you, call Boston Bioidentical Pellet Therapy Doctor, Joseph Kaye, M.D. at his Woburn, Massachusetts based clinic today to schedule a personalized consultation!